About Us

Shortly About Us

We offer competitive rates for all types of repair. In addition to our Servicing and General Repair services we also have our established state-of-the-art Bodyshop, offering facilities and quality that will not be found at any other bodyshop.

Whether you need a larger repair, like a new body panel or bumper, or have a smaller problem that needs fixing like an annoying scratch on a door, choose us for repairs you can trust. Why? Because we have been numerously awarded for our repair and maintenance services. This means we have to meet strict standards recognized industry wide for all parts of the repair process, from the methods, materials and parts we use.

What We Offer

Oil Changes

Regularly changing your oil and filter will help the engine work its best.

Air Conditioning

When driving with your windows down isn't cutting it, it's time to see our air conditioning repair specialists.


Brake maintenance is crucial to keeping your vehicle operating safely.

Transmission Repair

A well maintained transmission can save you from problems later in your vehicle's life.

24/7 Support

Our Excel Motors experts work day and night to solve all your car-related problems.

Cooling System

Summer is just around the corner, make sure your cooling system is ready!